Taking you to meet the world


Gypsy Dance Trip in Turkey

May 1-7, 2024

At the occasion of the Spring celebration of Hidirellez.


Greek dance trip in Naxos Island

September 3 - 10, 2024

With Apostolis Psarros


Video excerpts from the Gypsy & Balkan dance tour 2015
Serbia - Northern Macedonia - Transylvania (Romania) 


I really recommend Simona's dance seminars. I have participated in four of these : Serbia, North Macedonia, Albania/Greece and Montenegro during 2014-2018. The seminars are about dance, but we also learn a lot about the culture of different countries. I enjoyed every moment and I am looking forward to the next seminar.

Anne Mynnti 

I first danced with Simona in 2014 in a dance workshop in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was a very nice experience. When she announced a dance retreat in Bahia next year, I was sure I would participate! We danced a lot and had a lot of fun! It was a wonderful mix of vacation, tourism and dancing!! Then, I attended other cultural and dance retreats in Macedonia/Serbia, Albania/Greece and Turkey during 2015-2017. On these trips, we dance with local people, learn about their dance, culture, music, food.. It is also an opportunity to relax and visit beautiful places. We also have dance classes with local teachers, very well chosen, which makes the whole experience even more interesting and magic! I really recommend Simona's dance workshops and seminars!

Julieta da Gloria de Souza

Week rich in EVERYTHING. I really loved everything, this magnificent country, the hotel, the sea, each person in the group, the music, the lessons, and all your messages between two dance steps ...... ( and the "burek" for breakfast !!!). I am especially deeply touched to have been able to be in the presence of a person as radiant as you.

Nadia M. 

A big THANK YOU for your joy and for these moments together. It was out of time and it felt good to be on such an adventure!

Nathalie Cauquil

An unforgettable trip! Great encounters, lots of joy, dancing and great memories with great girlfriends and great teachers!

Meriem Hakmi

I can easily say, the one week with you and Nikos on the Greek folk dance tour was the absolute highlight of the year, and maybe many years...

Miriam Gopi Weinstein

A unique experience under the sign of seriousness and pleasure; a whirlwind of new dances, unforgettable encounters and shared emotions.

Anne Jouve

Thank you again for this seminar. I really liked your approach and this immersion in body, music, and spirit came at the right time in my life!

Marie-Odile L.

Thank you for the wonderful week! I hope there will be many more like this!

Prune T.