Welcome to Simona Jovic's dance school

Online programs

Inspiring online dance programs accessible for all !

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Dance trips & retreats

Travel with us, and live an unforgettable experience !

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Live Zoom classes

Join our live Zoom classes wherever your are ! 

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International events

Find a Dances of Joy event in or near your area !

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What are the Dances of Joy?

The Dances of Joy is a dance school and community founded by the Paris-based internationally renowned dance artist, actress, singer, and dance instructor of Serbian/Czech origin, Simona Jovic. The project is strongly influenced by her travels, her long experience of teaching dance to people worldwide, and her personal transformation. It draws inspiration from deep cultural traditions and rituals, but reaches beyond any particular culture, allowing thousands of people around the world to use these tremendous resources in a more personal way to create more joy, balance, and wellness in their life.

The Dances of Joy community is a safe space for people to celebrate, express emotions, pray, heal, connect with themselves and others, and simply take care of themselves through movement and sound in the most original and authentic way.


Greek women dance free class

A free 30 minutes dance class, as a celebration of your feminine power and inner beauty. A simple and inspiring dance combination danced to a beautiful Greek music. Accessible to all!

Mediterranean women's dances

The Dances of joy course for women inspired by the Mediterranean dance traditions. Includes two full dances, background info, warm-up and stretching. 


Epirus, July 18th - 28th, 2022
Parga, July 28th-August 4th, 2022